An Introduction to Machine Learning

You’ve heard about AI and Machine Learning (ML) and a bajillion other buzz words.

Colleagues in business meetings throw them around to impress bosses and clients, and your annoying eight year old niece is talking about the AI she has added to her self-coded mobile application. With the constant use and mis-use of these terms it is easy to get confused and misinterpret their meaning.

When I google, “What is machine learning?” …

In a previous Medium article, I worked through the process of using the Python library Tabula to extract tables from PDF documents and convert them into an Excel sheet. But PDFs don’t only contain tables, they also often contain large amounts of text. Therefore, it is also useful to know how to extract text from PDFs and convert said text into a Word document.

Following the theme of my last post, I’m going to use another PDF focused on Indonesia’s current energy situation with the Indonesia Energy Outlook 2019 Report published by the Secretariat General of the National Energy Council.

For financial analysts interested in ESG, it is not news that ESG ratings tend to be opaque and that company scores can fluctuate significantly between rating agencies.1,2,3,4 Considering environmental, social, and governance factors when valuing and investing in companies is fairly new for the financial field. It is to be expected that ESG for finance is still in an early growth stage. Many financial institutions are trying to solve how to approach ESG issues from a financial method, and the most common method is to use company ESG ratings.

What financial companies should be doing instead, is measuring how ESG…

As a researcher, I am always searching for good datasets that I can analyze and create visualizations with. Datasets can come in many different formats. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, they are in excel files, but occasionally, they are locked into PDFs. Then come the hours of split screens on my laptop so I can read the PDF and enter the data in an excel sheet at the same time.

I absolutely despise this mind-numbing task.

Now I write a Python script to do this task for me. …

One of my favourite uses of code is having it complete boring tasks for me. As a researcher, part of my role involves collecting information so that it can be analyzed by myself and others. Sometimes, googling for and downloading publications can be tedious and repetitive so why don’t we build a “research assistant” to do that for us?

Our “research assistant” will be pulling all the publications on the Asian Development Bank’s Clean Energy Issues page and downloading them directly onto our computer for us. …

Several factors have to be considered to measure how well established the EV infrastructure is within a country. Infrastructure factors include: current number of EVs owned, number of car dealerships, subsidies, number of chargers, and more.

Many of these measurements exist online and can often be found in long market reports, or on industry websites. The challenge is that these measurements are usually only updated annually.

What if I wanted to measure the number of EV chargers in a country at this very moment?

Let me show you how.

Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Chargers

We all know how to find the closest EV charger. All…

Anna Mowat

Clean Energy Data Scientist

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